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At Chapman Physiotherapy Ltd, we pride ourselves on offering a first class musculo-skeletal and sports physiotherapy service in South Yorkshire. Based in Doncaster and Bawtry, our easily accessible locations have appointments available from early morning to late evening. Full disabled access and on-site free parking is available at our Doncaster branch.

Our experienced team of physiotherapists, personal trainers and a podiatrist are highly motivated to provide a unique and personal service to our clients. We recognise that each case brings different challenges for an individual and utilise our research led treatment methods to create a bespoke plan. Our goal is to work with you to facilitate recovery or management strategies for musculo-skeletal conditions.

All physiotherapists are HCPC registered and are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Our podiatrist is HCPC registered and is a member of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. We accept referrals from individuals, businesses and solicitors / case managers. Our practice is registered with all private medical insurance providers and healthcare plans.  Are you a member of a cashback scheme such as Westfield Health or Simply Health? Don’t suffer in silence… get yourself sorted and claim back the cost.  Site visits can be pre-arranged.

Musculo-skeletal physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of problems affecting joints and their surrounding structures, such as muscles, ligaments and bones. Treatment aims to restore pain free range of movement and improve strength and muscular control. Your physiotherapist may utilise techniques which are ‘hands-on’ such as soft tissue release and manual therapy in conjunction with an exercise rehabilitation program and postural advice. Acupuncture is also available.

We want to ensure that you get the best from your treatment, so often you will be advised to perform exercises at home. We have a database of over 10,000 video clips and will email your personalised program to you, so that you can review your exercises on your computer or even on your mobile phone! This helps you to ensure that you are performing them accurately to get the ultimate benefit. Conditions treated range from headaches and migraine to osteoarthritis, shoulder impingement, sports injuries, chronic pain, joint sprains and neck and back pain. We also take GP and orthopaedic consultant referrals for post-operative rehabilitation.

Sports Massage

All physiotherapists are qualified in sports massage, providing availability from 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday. The benefits of having sports massages on a regular basis are:

  • Prevention of injuries and loss of mobility
  • Elimination of lactic acid build-up
  • Increased blood flow and flexibility
  • Reduction of muscle tension
  • Boost in performance
  • Extend the life of YOUR sporting career.


Acupuncture is effective in a wide range of painful conditions and is commonly used to treat musculo-skeletal pain e.g. back, shoulder, neck and leg pain. It has been used successfully to treat headaches, migraines, trapped nerves, sports injuries, chronic muscle strains and various kinds of rheumatic and arthritic pain.

Biomechanical Assessment/Analysis

A full biomechanical analysis comprises of two main components. Firstly, an assessment of specific movements and exercises designed to reveal notable weaknesses in specific muscle groups. This will identify any areas of the body that need strengthening or stabilising to achieve an efficient running style. Secondly, a gait analysis is performed on a treadmill. The physiotherapist will film you from different angles and study the footage to identify any postures or movements that put you at risk of injury. Your movement patterns will also be analysed and adaptations to these will be suggested to make your running style more efficient.


Pilates is a fantastic approach to exercise during and after pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping active throughout your pregnancy can often prove tricky. Many people are unsure which exercises are suitable during pregnancy and often worry that more conventional exercise classes may be harmful to themselves or the baby. Bekki is currently pregnant with her first child and has found pre-natal Pilates exercises extremely helpful throughout her pregnancy so far. As a qualified pre and post-natal Pilates instructor, she aims to work with women to deliver a prenatal Pilates class, specifically designed for each individual, that benefits both mother and baby. These intimate classes will not only provide reassurance and education on the correct exercises and techniques but will also provide an opportunity to meet other like-minded women, sharing similar exciting experiences throughout pregnancy. There are many benefits of Pilates during pregnancy such as: strengthening pelvic floor muscle control to prevent incontinence and aid in labour, improving postural awareness which changes significantly when carrying a baby, strengthening abdominal and gluteal muscles to support and stabilise the pelvis and spine, reducing musculo-skeletal pain, stretching spinal and upper limb muscles to relieve tension, aiding relaxation, maintaining effective circulation to aid with swelling and incorporating positions for labour into your exercise programme. So… what are you waiting for?


Also known as chiropody by some, is the care of feet and their influence on the musculo-skeletal system. Often slightly abnormal foot biomechanics can cause significant pain and symptoms further up the chain, typically affecting the knees, hip and lower back. By assessing foot posture and movement, subtle changes can be made via custom made orthotics. It is often worth having your biomechanics assessed before buying a new pair of trainers; especially if you are symptomatic. Foot health includes the management of corns, callous, verrucas, nail conditions and general maintenance i.e. nail clipping. It is essential that anyone with diabetes has regular footcare.

Strength & Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers have extensive experience and qualifications to assist you in your plan and are well-equipped to work with your physiotherapist within any constraints. Their expertise is in elite sport and weight management and they can also advise you on diet and lifestyle changes. At Chapman Physiotherapy we want you to be entirely satisfied and lead your training program, therefore you may book as many or as few sessions as you require. Some clients enjoy the luxury of bi-weekly sessions whereas others prefer to utilise the skills and guidance of our PTs seeking less frequent one to one sessions but maintaining their fitness in their own time. If you are not sure whether personal training can help you, why not call the practice and we can discuss your needs.

Additional Details

  • Languages Spoken:English
  • Appointment Types:Face-to-Face
  • Parking:Free Off-Street Parking, Disabled Parking, Wheelchair Access
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