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Author: Daniel Gerber


Daniel Gerber

pain and Performance,

Joined In Apr 2022

About Me

Hi I'm Daniel Gerber. I'm a clinical sports massage therapist. My qualification and registration were originally as an Osteopath, but I left that behind as further sports-specific training added techniques and methods more often associated with physiotherapists. This was later added to with training in dry needling and cupping. Together with my sports coaching skills have made me a more complete therapist and able to successfully treat even the most complex patients as well as those that may have a little niggle or maybe those of you feeling a little tight and just need loosening. Personally, I'm a keen runner and can often be seen running about the south side of Glasgow and the wider Glasgow area. After breaking my shoulder last year and starting gym-based rehab I've discovered a love of weights and have been exploring the demands that weight training place on a body. I would like to get back to climbing too, but often get frustrated that it seems to take so much to get back to the level I used to climb at.. If I can find time getting out on a bike (road or MTB) would be good!

0141 255 0912

pain and Performance,


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